Wednesday, September 29

wuthering heights

finished this enchanting one for the fourth time today. it was the only thing that could more or less divert my thoughts from a few nerve-racking days at work. it will never get old for me.

Sunday, September 26


autumn is slowly pushing summer away. lots of gusty rain, but i can still postpone wearing a coat on most days. i've had my last bowl of raspberries for this year; they have now become ridiculously expensive.
i love september. it is such an alive month.

Wednesday, September 22


close my eyes for a while
force from the world a patient smile

mumford & sons ~ i gave you all

Sunday, September 19


my bookshelves are crammed. i even steal shelfspace from boyfriend (who uses his side of the bookcase for storing cd's). i would very much like to hold a buddhist approach to the possession of objects and stuff, but my books are magic to me.

Friday, September 17

tiny garden

i must have read the secret garden at least four times when i was younger (and it is one of the many books on my list of literature to reread yet again). i guess that is where my fascination with wild, cottage-style gardens began. perhaps i will one day have a secret garden of my own. right now though, my tiny house comes with the tiniest of gardens, upon which i bestow my gardening dreams in miniature.

Sunday, September 12

the mice

the mice who live in our house come in all shapes, sizes and colours. most of them miss at least one ear or one eye. the princess loves them all, but she does have her favourites. the red one is old, bedraggled and very much adored; the purple one is still young and unscathed.

Wednesday, September 8


this is mary. actually, her name is rita. boyfriend found her tucked away in the back of a quaint store a few years ago, and he gave her to me for my birthday. she is the patron saint of hopeless cases. yes, she is always useful to have around. but mostly, regardless of all things religious, she is simply very beautiful.

Saturday, September 4

the story of the princess

once upon a time, there was a little furry princess. she was born on the street, her mother was poor and homeless and her father was unknown. she was promised a happier life with kind people, but they treated her horribly and she was taken to a shelter. one winter night, she was brought to a tiny, old house. she hid behind the couch for days, but then she slowly came to realise that her new family was going to treat her like the princess she was. from then on, she indulgently savoured every minute of her royal life.

Wednesday, September 1

welcome to skinstill

i am jann. i live in a tiny old house with boyfriend, our princess, her mice, lots of books and a statue of the virgin mary.
skinstill is the place where i try to capture my images and words.