Tuesday, December 31


i probably won't make it until midnight without falling asleep (yes, i'm so boring and i don't care in the least), but i am ready for the new year.

Sunday, December 29

this time of year

boyfriend and i are enjoying our days off work immensely. especially now that christmas is over, things are so nice and lazy and easy. we do some things around the house, we sleep a lot, we enjoy spending time with little imp (who loves having us around so much) and we work our way through the harry potter films in the evenings. baby obviously prefers this to me sitting behind a desk all day too: she is very active and, by the size of my belly, seems to be growing fast.

Sunday, December 22

december drink

i lost some weight during the last two weeks: seems like a good reason for upping the calories by having this decadent holiday drink every day. warm almond milk with marshmallows. very christmassy. i think the original american version is made with hot chocolate, but that's really a bit too sweet to my liking.

Tuesday, December 17

two years and a bit

last night, when little imp woke up and boyfriend took him into our bed, he refused to nurse. he snuggled up beside me and fell asleep very calmly. a few hours later, it was only a really quick sip. and in the morning he refused again. i think our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end, after two years and a bit. i had expected it to last longer, and perhaps it would have if i hadn't been pregnant, because i suspect he has been dry nursing for some time now. honestly, it would make things easier for me at the moment if there was no more breastfeeding. but on the other hand i already miss it so much. i'm extra happy now that we still have our co-sleeping in place during about half of all nights (since little imp sleeps through the other half on his own). and i'm proud of myself for having managed to let him self-wean. well done to me.

Monday, December 16

tiny tree~2

remember the tiny tree? well, it's not so tiny anymore (although it still looks kind of small because it had to move to a bigger pot). it lived in our garden all year, and now it's back inside for a few weeks, donning christmas ribbons and a bird with a bell for a peak.

Monday, December 9

another year

another year has passed, another crazily busy december has started. last year i made birds, this year i decided to stick with that theme.
happy second birthday my beautiful baby.

Saturday, December 7

small empties~5

i am going through my samples fast now. and since i'm hardly buying anything new, space is opening up in the little cabinet in which i store my new products. this time's favourites were:

~ rituals sakura scrub organic rice & cherry blossom ~ i make my own scrub these days, but this was just a little more luxurious. a heavenly scent and cute packaging.
~ clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel ~ i always thought that the products in clinique's three step-cleansing line were very aggressive, but i actually liked this one.
~ kérastase elixir ultime ~ i'm not used to using special hair products: it's basically just shampoo and the odd conditioner for me most of the time. but this oil was nice. seemed nourishing without making my hair greasy.

Wednesday, December 4

christmas memories

i know it's too early for this, but i really can't help myself.

Monday, December 2


as i was thinking of something fun to add to the blog instead of the now finished finished-posts, i thought i'd copy another idea of many other bloggers: little lists of favourites. it can be anything, but it will probably be mostly skincare and things like that. so here is my first post of favourites:

~ rituals xiu xi organic white lotus & yi yi ren calming body & massage oil ~ i've had a product from this line before (this one was also a present - from boyfriend this time), and this body oil is just as lovely. the scent still reminds me of the seaside, and of spring.
~ weleda skin cream ~ you've seen this one before in my finished-posts as well, and i sort of rediscovered it. i use it especially on the belly now: keeps it very soft and supple and smells so heathy and herbal and pure. i think in america it's sold as skin food, which seems very appropriate.

i use both these products twice a day at the moment, which surely qualifies them as favourites.

Sunday, December 1

money talk

it's not like i've ever been a big spender, on the contrary. but i changed one thing in november: i made a very clear overview of what i have and what i can spend in a month and for each week in that month. because i've had to take a bit of money out of my savings account too often lately. my budget is quite tight since i started working fewer hours with the arrival of little imp, and i enjoy my new bookkeeping enormously. i think twice about everything before actually buying it, and the best thing is when, at the end of a week, there is a bit of money left to save or spend as i please. by the end of the first week, i could buy a little lavender plant (i already had the pot) to brighten up the garden. by the end of the second week, i could buy yarn to knit a chunky cushion cover. by the end of the third week there was nothing left but by the end of week four, with the help of diligently saved coupons and gift vouchers, i bought myself my first ever chanel product. and i was beyond happy with those seemingly little things. plus: no money had to be taken out of my savings in november. i already know december is going to be a different story though...