Saturday, January 29

things to do today

preparations for one of the last dinner parties at the tiny house. meanwhile, moving home cards are being designed, to do lists are getting lengthier and new images are taking shape.

Wednesday, January 26


i took a little trip to visit my favourite shop in the world today. i could spend all my hard-earned money there...

Sunday, January 23


a wonderful dinner was created out of these simple ingredients by boyfriend last night.

Saturday, January 22

what comes next

a few weeks from now, i am going to say goodbye to the blue bathroom ceiling. to the creaking little staircase with the footsteps of one hundred years worn out. to the dishwasher that has been used as a cupboard. to the cellar that gave me so many worries because i needed my purple wellies to wade through it at times. to the views into the street, the houses behind the windows, the strange nooks and crannies of our lovely tiny house.

Saturday, January 15


don't believe everything you think

Wednesday, January 12


this is my favourite mountain. partly because i have been told it was my grandfather's favourite mountain. my grandfather died before i was born, but he has stood gazing at the little light halfway up the north face at night. and i have stood staring at that same little light of the eigerwand railway station at night. so many years later. isn't that a beautiful idea.

Sunday, January 9

leave the light on

every year again, it is so strange to realise that the days are still short and dark once december is over and january has come.

Sunday, January 2

dreaming of this

back in the real and crazy world, but i still have the images in my mind to dream away with.

Saturday, January 1

a new year

there it is: a new year. how strange and sleepy the first day always feels.