Saturday, April 30

a little bit of lazy

may will begin with a few days off work. i plan to spend them here, in the garden that is ever so slowly growing greener and more colourful.

Wednesday, April 27


it has been warm and sunny and summery for days. weather like this makes everything feel different.

Saturday, April 23

happy easter

yellow is definitely not my favourite colour, but doesn't this look pretty.

Wednesday, April 20


another great way to use the many-coloured shawl.

Wednesday, April 13

urban princess

urban princess is discovering the world behind the windows after years of never venturing outside...

Saturday, April 9

new york state of mind

i don't have any reasons
i've left them all behind
i'm in a new york state of mind

billy joel ~ new york state of mind

Wednesday, April 6


i'm not doing anything important or special today. so let's simply enjoy that.

Sunday, April 3

after the quake

reading murakami - a little too appropriate i'm sad to say.

the light of the moon transformed the shoreline into a sharpened sword blade. the winter waves were strangely hushed as they washed over the sand. miyake was the only one on the beach.

haruki murakami ~ landscape with flatiron (after the quake)

Saturday, April 2


the seaside in perfectly summerlike weather. that's how april came along.