Tuesday, May 31


the most beautiful girl in the world is one year old today. happy birthday nora

Sunday, May 29

outdoor girl

the princess is still very much in love with her royal garden, and with certain male felines that come to visit her every now and then...

Sunday, May 22

time to celebrate...

...the return of summer fruits that did not have to travel a million miles before arriving in my kitchen. (and ikea vanilla-scented candles.)

Saturday, May 21

just to say...

because it is good to remember that something small can mean a lot.

Wednesday, May 18

one more...

...beautiful quote. i can't help myself...

i unlatched the shutters. the light was as intense as a love affair. i was blinded, delighted, not just because it was warm and wonderful, but because nature measures nothing. nobody needs this much sunlight. nobody needs droughts, volcanoes, monsoons, tornadoes either, but we get them, because our world is as extravagant as a world can be. we are the ones obsessed by measurement. the world just pours it out.

jeanette winterson ~ lighthousekeeping

Tuesday, May 17


an enchanting read.

it was a long story, and like most of the stories in the world, never finished. there was an ending - there always is - but the story went on past the ending - like it always does.

jeanette winterson ~ lighthousekeeping

Sunday, May 15


we are gratefully benefiting from the gardening skills of our neighbours these days.

Friday, May 6

jazzed up

a happified dinner with edible flowers from the garden.

Thursday, May 5


please note that utterly white wall, painted by boyfriend today with the tiniest bit of help from me. it gives the garden a hint of more mediterranean climates i think. just what it needs.

Wednesday, May 4

home grown

they taste so much better and they look so much prettier. even if it is all only in the mind.