Saturday, October 29


~ weleda pregnancy oil ~ i've already sampled quite a few big-belly-oils and creams, but this one remains my favourite. it's all natural and has a subtle scent.
~ weleda almond oil ~ i love using oils for removing make up, and this one is very nice.
~ the body shop vitamin c eye reviver duo ~ the concept is appealing: a gel to apply under the eyes with a roller and a cream to apply all around. but the cream especially feels quite aggressive.
~ rituals mei dao organic white lotus and yi yi ren body cream ~ this was a present, and it feels so luxurious that i wouldn't buy it so easily for myself. i absolutely love the scent, it somehow makes me think of the beach and of summer.
~ l'oréal collagen filler eyes ~ i guess this is the sort of product that can never achieve what it promises. at least i couldn't detect any difference.
~ kneipp citrus chamomile body lotion ~ nice and fresh, but the texture is a bit weird.

Monday, October 24

the old way

i am trying to spend my time lying on the couch with my bulging belly wisely... so here is a work of anthropology, describing the life of one of the last hunter-gatherer societies on earth: it is an extremely interesting and, as an added benefit, somehow a very relaxing read. there is so, so much to learn from this forgotten way of life.

Thursday, October 20


after fairly fighting my way through the work of a dutch philosopher, i am now ready for something quite different: a bit of nabokov.

Tuesday, October 18

la simplicité fait la beauté

france, one year ago. the simplest form of perfect and happy.

Saturday, October 15

paper and flowers

a fancy day. leafing through old vogues, looking at the roses and admiring my new diary.

Thursday, October 13


i think i have found a new love. sabon seems to be a luxurious yet straightforward brand with the most beautiful packagings. the vanilla hand cream was a gift, as was the vanilla body lotion. the face mask (yes, also vanilla-scented) was a gift to myself.

Sunday, October 9


i mainly finished products to help soothe my body that is so busy growing a little baby. while he is kicking away inside (which is the most amazing feeling), I try to minimalise any damage on the outside…
~ zwitsal mama firming body gel-cream ~ while I usually love the scent of all the products from this brand, I really did not like the smell of this one. somehow it reminded me of the way products start to smell when they are getting past their sell-by date.
~ palmer’s body lotion anti-stretch marks ~ i liked this one a lot better, a pity it did not last very long.
~ lush buffy body butter ~ finished two of them this time… they really work wonders on legs and bums. the only thing holding me back from going on using them at this pace is the price tag.
~ montagne jeunesse white chocolate face mask ~ i had high hopes for this one, but it was just ok.
~ biotherm aquasource moisturiser ~ i have been using this moisturiser on and off for years, and i always love the luxurious texture and scent of it.
~ lush honey trap lip balm ~ you can’t go wrong with a lush lip balm. lasts for ages, works well and smells heavenly.

Thursday, October 6

brideshead revisited

on to the next one: rereading an old favourite.

i should like to bury something precious in every place where i've been happy and then, when i was old and ugly and miserable, i could come back and dig it up and remember.

evelyn waugh ~ brideshead revisited

Monday, October 3

a room with a view

i have finally made my way through the children's book (eventually, i actually found it quite gripping) and moved on to a novel that i have been wanting to read for a long time, if only for the title - i have a thing with the image of views through windows.

Saturday, October 1

things that made me smile today

~ being outside in the warmth and the sun with the summerlike sounds from neighbouring gardens (on the first day of october...)
~ getting things done, however small and seemingly insignificant
~ learning to take it day by day (or even hour by hour, if need be)
~ fresh figs
~ a clean house (courtesy of boyfriend)