Friday, October 26

away we went again

at long last, the autumn holidays arrived. we decided to pack the trunk of our trashy car again, and to travel south again for a few days with our little imp. a little further south this time, in hopes of a little more sunshine and new little adventures. we were so lucky: after weeks of seemingly endless downpour, we now had three days of beautiful autumn weather surrounded by hills and forests and fields. we took walks in short sleeves, we were lazy and we watched little imp grow and learn and be happy.

Sunday, October 21


a walk through our yellow-leafed town. thinking of what has been and of what lies ahead. these are the simple (well, relatively simple) yet beautiful days that i want to remember for ever.

Saturday, October 20


what i learn time and again from little imp: every simple thing is a curiosity. seeing with new eyes is lovely. it makes every day special.

Monday, October 15

my monday: tiny meals

one of the things that i am finding time for again: making meals for little imp. now i know i am a bit obsessive about this, but i'm also proud to be able to say that little imp has never eaten baby food from a store-bought jar in his little life. then again, i love cooking meals for him, and feels good to stock the fridge with these cute containers. even more so now that i don't have to do it in a hurry.

Saturday, October 13

weekends only

such a luxury. boyfriend and little imp are off to the saturday market, and i emerge from the bathroom half an hour later with an utterly rosy, peachy, glowing, well-rested complexion. or that's what i'd like to believe. 
oh well, at least it's lovely to have a face mask every week or so again. it's the small things that make me happy.

Tuesday, October 9

october sky

let's wrap up in warmer clothes. for it seems autumn has really come, dreary and wet as usual. i do not really mind it though, as long as i'm not nearly drowned in torrential rains a few times a day (which does happen quite regularly now). days like today are the best: sunny and cold and with the ground full of dried leaves. reminds me of our autumn holiday in france two years back. on the other hand, few things are cozier than falling asleep at night to the sound of rain (which also does happen quite a lot now).

Monday, October 8


~ rituals zensation organic rice milk & cherry blossom foaming shower gel sensation ~ a bit of a long name (i always find that sort of off-putting and useless) but other than that this is a lovely shower foam. a christmas present that i saved for months because i knew it would be something to look forward to.
~ priorin hair growth supplement ~ my second batch of this. new hairs are still coming along nicely. i haven't bought a third box though, simply because it is so expensive.
~ rituals hammam olive secret shower paste ~ someone read my wish for a big tube of this. i enjoyed it thoroughly. thank you boyfriend 
~ biotherm aquasource moisturizer ~ what can i say... still a favourite.
~ biotherm skinergetic signs of fatigue repairing concentrate ~ a biotherm serum i hadn't tried before. perhaps not quite as nice as the skin vivo serum. also, you have to perform a weird magic trick i do not believe in: add a powder to the liquid before the first use to activate the whole thing. and then finish it within three months. which is a short period for such a big bottle.
~ dr. hauschka lip balm ~ this is probably one of the most expensive lip balms i've ever tried. i was curious to see if it would work any better than regular lip balms. i guess it does, but not so much as to warrant the high price.

Friday, October 5

the lioness and the ladybird

having a child gives me more strength, yet at the same time it makes me feel more vulnerable. it was already like that when he was in the womb. i am always on the alert to fight for him and for his needs. but sometimes his total dependence and more-than-average sensitivity strike me hard, making me wonder if i have it in me to raise him well and happy and strong. after all, i am only a girl (isn't it crazy that i still see myself as such) with insecurities and questions and worries galore. another mother told me that your worries grow as your child grows. i'm up for something then.

Thursday, October 4

nighttime parenting

little imp started sleeping through the night (eleven hours in a row quite easily) around four months old. quite a good track record for a breastfed baby. the day i went back to work though, he started waking up again two or even three times every single night. now i would definitely miss nighttime feeding if it stopped, but sometimes i do wish for it to be over. in the meantime, i have this wise and useful book to hold on to.

Monday, October 1

my monday: rehab

so here i am with my cup of tea and celebratory muffin with pink icing (and my new socks). feeling fidgety, restless. how used i now am to just going on and on and on. i have to un-learn it. i have to remember how to do nothing again. that will be the first thing i have to do. that and resisting the urge to check my work mail when it is not my work day. the world won't fall to pieces with me not behind my desk.