Tuesday, November 29

bye for now

skinstill will be on hold while i prepare for and get used to the new life that is awaiting me

Monday, November 28


at least four mugs a day.

Wednesday, November 23

good, beautiful, difficult

the reading continues...

karel glastra van loon ~ de passievrucht - a smoothly written and quite touching novel.
haruki murakami ~ the elephant vanishes - beautiful stories about common people in magical situations. sleep was my favourite.
harry mulisch ~ de procedure - a slightly incomprehensible but nevertheless fascinating enough novel.

Monday, November 21


i see a pattern of subtle, calming scents...

~ lush the olive branch shower gel ~ a recurring thing with certain lush products: this smells so good and comforting, but the texture is strange and very watery. i would certainly buy it again though.
~ biotherm skin vivo reversive anti-aging expansive mask ~ i got this for free with another biotherm product. i really enjoyed it: it is a rich mask with a subtle scent and it made my skin feel fresh and healthy.
~ lush dream cream hand and body lotion ~ this product moisturises very well. the scent is subtle but not very special. i finished a small container in no time at all.
~ etos lavender shower gel ~ a wonderful lavender-scent, i love it.
~ biotherm aquasource superserum ~ still a luxurious favourite.
~ weleda lavender oil ~ more lavender... i use this on my belly (please note it is not safe to use lavender oil during the first trimester of pregnancy) to calm the tense, stretchy feeling.

Thursday, November 17

unknown love

waiting to see
who is living inside me...

Sunday, November 13

keep calm and carry on reading

i searched the shelves for books that still stood unread, and found a few dutch books that belong to boyfriend standing almost hidden between all my own books. i pretty much raced through them this past week, for lack of the ability to do many other significant things.

gerrit komrij ~ de klopgeest - i enjoyed this one, mainly because of the vivid picture it paints of amsterdam during a significant transitional period.
a. koolhaas ~ de geluiden van de eerste dag - an incredibly sad book, it left me all melancholy and irritable (or maybe that was just due to pregnancy hormones).
harry mulisch ~ het theater, de brief en de waarheid - a better and more accessible read than most of the other books by this writer that i have read.

now i'm off to hunt for more unread treasures...

Tuesday, November 8


something to look at and enjoy: a big bunch of beautiful roses from friends.

Friday, November 4

the sense of an ending

this one was a present from the same friend who gave me starter for ten. he obviously knows me well.

we live in time - it holds us and moulds us - but i've never felt i understood it very well.

julian barnes ~ the sense of an ending

Tuesday, November 1

starter for ten

after reading a pretty worthless book that is really not even worth mentioning - well, ok, it was hoop (hope) by roland van der vorst, a semi-scientific investigation into the concept of hope - i have now started on a good novel that i received as a present last week.