Tuesday, December 28

winter island

this is where we spent christmas: on a tiny island with snow-white beaches. it was cold and windy and wonderful. i talked to the lighthousekeeper and fed the birds, patted sheep that stood thick in their winter wool, their feet in the frozen land, and i saw a pink sunset. we drank mulled wine and ate lots of chocolate. i worked away at my many-coloured shawl. it was a quiet litte fairy tale.

Monday, December 20

what makes it better

an office with a winter view

Sunday, December 19

more snow

winter wonderland continues, bringing seemingly everlasting trainrides and fairytale pictures.

Wednesday, December 15

counting down to christmas

you know the holidays are getting closer when your neighbour risks his life on the top of his roof to put up a christmas deer...

Sunday, December 12

evening passtime

the knitting continues...
i feel very up to date when i wear these.

Tuesday, December 7

tread softly

what i like most about this white blanket is how it makes everything sound softer.
a temporary muffling of the loudness of life.

Sunday, December 5

as i roamed out...

...i found my bike and the tiny garden drowned in an excessive amount of beautiful snow.

Saturday, December 4

i love...

...smiling at people
...having a heartfelt conversation with my colleagues
...taking pictures of windows
...taking pictures through windows
...opening the little cardboard doors of my advent calendar

Friday, December 3


look at my tiny garden: covered in snow. winter has arrived early, bearing piercingly cold wind, the need for lots of layers of clothing and even little icicles on the inside of the window (seriously). i do enjoy it all very much though. i think i have come to the unlikely conclusion that i am one of these strange people who favour winter over summer and who prefer too cold above too hot.

Wednesday, December 1

new month's resolutions

less fear
less guilt
more happy