Monday, January 28

small empties~2

more samples finished. i always love receiving them. this time, my favourites were:

~ biotherm gentle exfoliating milk ~ a lovely citrus scent and a mild scrub.
~ clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief ~ a moisturizer that really seemed to make a difference to my skin. 
~ the body shop chocomania body butter ~ i find most body shop body butters too sweet, but this one was just right.
~ estée lauder advanced night repair eye ~ ooh this felt so luxurious.

Saturday, January 26

a thought a day

i filled the final page of my sixteenth (!) diary. and since i noticed that i find it more difficult now to find the time to write, i decided to try something different. so far, it feels weird to only have space for a few lines a day. but on the other hand, it is also a lot easier now to try to write something every day.

Monday, January 21


i sit alone in this winter clarity which clouds my mind

mumford & sons ~ thistle and weeds

Sunday, January 20


a list high in no-nonsense products this time:

~ biotherm biosource total and instant cleansing micellar water ~ asked this for my birthday after having used a sample. very efficient and still a mild product.
~ zwitsal shampoo extra mild ~ little imp and i used this together. love the zwitsal-scent and the gentleness of this shampoo.
~ dr. van der hoog purity cleansing wipes ~ i have never been a great fan of make up wipes. these are not a winner either: i don't like the scent and they're a bit dry.
~ etos x-tra black volume mascara ~ i should really learn to obey the rule of getting a new mascara every three months. this is a good one, and budget-friendly too.
~ weleda everon lip balm ~ a natural lip balm that works well for a decent price.
~ lush therapy massage bar ~ boyfriend gave me this when i was pregnant, but i didn't really like it at the time. i do love it now though. it's a wonderful solid body butter.

Monday, January 14

tiny knits

not completely in time for winter (because it took some trial and error and therefore quite some time to make these), but who knows how cold it is still going to be: a tiny hat, a tiny shawl and tiny mittens.

Saturday, January 12

how it works

as i wrote in a previous post, little imp still sleeps in our room. it's part of the way that has turned out to work for us. i never set out with a plan to breastfeed him into his second year or to practice co-sleeping. i didn't even read about these things when i was pregnant. i basically counted the days until little imp was big enough to be born safely. i didn't think ahead for more than a day at a time. and then he was born and i felt like i didn't know a thing and i slowly learnt what felt best and later still i found out that there was actually a name for the kind of parenting that we did. it's not how most parents do it. and so people have a lot to say (or at least think) about it. and i, by now, have read a lot about it. but even more than knowing that this is the right way for us, i feel every day again that this is the right way for us.

Saturday, January 5

the gulag archipelago

a difficult but vitally important read.

our russian pens write only in large letters. we have lived through so very much, and almost none of it has been described and called by its right name.

aleksandr solzhenitsyn ~ the gulag archipelago 

Thursday, January 3

more things done

i got the hang of things when i started organising my clothes in december. so when that was finished and my holidays were not finished yet, i continued with little imp's room. he still sleeps in our bedroom and we really only use his room to store things now (and to dry our laundry), which makes it too easy to forget that it should still be a nice and cosy place since it is after all his room. so a few hours of tidying and ordering later (hours that i can't normally spend on things like this) everything is spick-and-span and cute as a button. so if we decide it's time for little imp to move, all we have to do is bring his bed into the other room. yet something tells me that may take some more time.

Tuesday, January 1

happy new year

happy new year 
no new year's resolutions for me, i never make any.