Saturday, January 12

how it works

as i wrote in a previous post, little imp still sleeps in our room. it's part of the way that has turned out to work for us. i never set out with a plan to breastfeed him into his second year or to practice co-sleeping. i didn't even read about these things when i was pregnant. i basically counted the days until little imp was big enough to be born safely. i didn't think ahead for more than a day at a time. and then he was born and i felt like i didn't know a thing and i slowly learnt what felt best and later still i found out that there was actually a name for the kind of parenting that we did. it's not how most parents do it. and so people have a lot to say (or at least think) about it. and i, by now, have read a lot about it. but even more than knowing that this is the right way for us, i feel every day again that this is the right way for us.

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