Wednesday, March 28


when autumn merged into winter last year, i did not notice a thing. christmas was there all of a sudden, hitting me by surprise. the seasons changed somewhere outside of me while i was locked up inside the house. but here is spring. i feel it all the better and i want to walk right in the middle of it.

Monday, March 26

bed rest

so, there is actually a genre called pregnancy chick lit. should have found out about that a bit earlier. this easy read is all too familiar and quite a lot of fun.

Friday, March 23

something to learn

it is good the way it is
there is no need for better, for prettier, for more
all is good enough now

Tuesday, March 20

my boy

sometimes i try to remember what it was like to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.
sometimes i get tired of the nursery rhymes that i sing at least six times a day.
sometimes i get fed up with eating my dinner with one hand while breastfeeding, rice and veggies dropping on his onesies (and on the floor, the couch and my clothes).
sometimes i would like to have a spotlessly clean house again.
sometimes i long for a day of just doing anything i feel like doing.
and then i look at this face.
nothing, absolutely nothing, is as good as having him in my life.

Sunday, March 18


while skinstill was on hold, i diligently kept all the empty containers of the beauty products that i finished. so here is the first bunch:

~ yes to carrots eye can c clearly now eye contour cream ~ smells heavenly but is a bit too rich for me. it works better as a luxurious hand cream.
~ andrélon shampoo elasticity bamboo ~ a good and simple shampoo.
~ lush breath of fresh air facial toner ~ i reviewed this one before: still a nice and simple, refreshing toner.
~ vichy essentielles body cream-milk ~ a present from colleagues: a very decadent product that i loved.
~ biotherm aquasource moisturiser ~ another product that i already reviewed - still a favourite.
~ lush the joy of jelly shower jelly ~ shower jellies work best with a shower puff. this one did not foam as abundantly as other shower jellies i have used, but if i remember correctly this product is discontinued anyway.

Monday, March 12

high adventure

i've taken up reading on subjects other than babies again, and decided to start with something that holds my attention really easily: the story of edmund hillary, who climbed mount everest in 1953. fascinating.

Thursday, March 8

catching up

the pace was somewhat slower, but obviously i did not stop reading while skinstill was on hold. out of this bunch, norwegian wood was my favourite. the pregnancy-book was the most useful one though.

Monday, March 5

be still (once more)

now that i seem to be getting little snippets of time for myself again - moments to simply do nothing at all - i find myself thinking back to the last months of my pregnancy a lot. they were uncertain and scary. little imp ran the risk of being born far too early and far too little. all was well in the end, but i think that not until he was born did i realise how hard things had been. now is the time to come to terms with it. let it flow through my thoughts as much as i have to.

Friday, March 2

life with little imp

little imp is twelve weeks old today. life is slowly returning to normal (although work still feels like a faraway and awkward island in the middle of the ocean that i have no desire yet to sail over to). a trip to the hair salon, to the dentist or to an actual clothes store. things i hadn't done in months and months. we are finding a new balance together, but how new and special everything still feels. (and by the way, that is a glimpse of the tattoo that boyfriend got two weeks after little imp was born.)

Thursday, March 1

new life

after a difficult pregnancy and a relatively easy birth, our little imp was born on december 9. how beautifully and inexpressibly our lives have changed.