Wednesday, September 28

something small

i love finding samples in magazines. it's like getting a little present.

Saturday, September 24

as it is

i love photo reports like this one - a collection of little belgian beach huts and their inhabitants: honest depictions of everyday people in their everyday lives. so simple yet so much to see and to think about. (the pictures were taken by dutch photographer annie van gemert.)

Friday, September 23

still life

who knew that doing absolutely nothing could be such hard work...

Wednesday, September 21

the children's book~two

it is growing on me, thankfully, although i'm still going through it at a snail's pace.

maybe all steps into the future drew strength from a searching gaze into the deep past.

a.s. byatt ~ the children's book

Tuesday, September 20


this is the notebook i used for writing down ideas and texts for skinstill. a pretty little book that boyfriend bought for me in scotland. one year down the line, all the pages are full. good thing i love new beginnings, even if they are only small ones.

Saturday, September 17

passing time

basically, for lack of anything more exciting, the highlights of the previous few days were the beautiful films i watched: juno, girl with a pearl earring, tillsammans (together), entre les murs (the class), the king's speech, lars and the real girl. i recommend each and every single one.

Wednesday, September 7

the children's book

i felt in need of something magical and otherworldly. but so far, i do not like it very much: too many characters and too many byways. the intricacy, which is no doubt very clever, is working against it for me. but i still have over five hundred pages to go, so who knows what wonderful things lie ahead.

Monday, September 5

at home again

i finished this epos yesterday. i can't begin to imagine how much effort and research must have gone into writing it. i learned so many interesting things, it really amazes me.

Thursday, September 1

pretty vintage fabrics

this silly thing made me very happy: i typed pretty vintage fabrics in google images and i got so much moodlifting prettiness to look at. yeah, i think i've mentioned before that i am easily made happy. (and now i'll stop taking pictures of my bed cover.)