Friday, June 24


my boss gave me these today to thank me. it made me remember how important it is to feel appreciated.

Wednesday, June 22


i guess i am not the kind of person who sticks diligently to one brand.

Sunday, June 19


sometimes i just need to do girly things...

Saturday, June 18


the princess must be doing something wrong. her tomboy is losing interest in her and is busy loving her toys instead.

Monday, June 13


the princess (acting cooler than she is) and one of her love interests. she seems to have a weak spot for younger men.

Wednesday, June 8


i could not make a choice... and then i bought them all for 38 euros. ready for summer, for tanned feet and for finally getting rid of the old pair that i have worn for much too long.

Sunday, June 5

sunday lunch

i love the preparation and anticipation.

Saturday, June 4

for summer

my belated birthday present - going to wear it all summer.

Friday, June 3


i am a happy girl, i made a tumblr-account. a place to archive all the pretty pictures i find. (all the pictures on this blog are still my own.) the link is in the sidebar.

edit may 2012: no time for tumbling at the moment, so i removed the link...