Sunday, December 1

money talk

it's not like i've ever been a big spender, on the contrary. but i changed one thing in november: i made a very clear overview of what i have and what i can spend in a month and for each week in that month. because i've had to take a bit of money out of my savings account too often lately. my budget is quite tight since i started working fewer hours with the arrival of little imp, and i enjoy my new bookkeeping enormously. i think twice about everything before actually buying it, and the best thing is when, at the end of a week, there is a bit of money left to save or spend as i please. by the end of the first week, i could buy a little lavender plant (i already had the pot) to brighten up the garden. by the end of the second week, i could buy yarn to knit a chunky cushion cover. by the end of the third week there was nothing left but by the end of week four, with the help of diligently saved coupons and gift vouchers, i bought myself my first ever chanel product. and i was beyond happy with those seemingly little things. plus: no money had to be taken out of my savings in november. i already know december is going to be a different story though... 

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