Monday, December 2


as i was thinking of something fun to add to the blog instead of the now finished finished-posts, i thought i'd copy another idea of many other bloggers: little lists of favourites. it can be anything, but it will probably be mostly skincare and things like that. so here is my first post of favourites:

~ rituals xiu xi organic white lotus & yi yi ren calming body & massage oil ~ i've had a product from this line before (this one was also a present - from boyfriend this time), and this body oil is just as lovely. the scent still reminds me of the seaside, and of spring.
~ weleda skin cream ~ you've seen this one before in my finished-posts as well, and i sort of rediscovered it. i use it especially on the belly now: keeps it very soft and supple and smells so heathy and herbal and pure. i think in america it's sold as skin food, which seems very appropriate.

i use both these products twice a day at the moment, which surely qualifies them as favourites.

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