Saturday, August 25

days of haste~3

so. work is taking up too much of my time these days. and it will continue to do so for the next weeks. as a result, i am mopping the living room floor at eight on a saturday morning. i would rather be doing something else but with a little imp enthusiastically rolling all over the floor one has to keep up some standard of hygiene. i nurse him to sleep and get back to the office. i let whoever is at home with him call me at work as soon as he wakes up from his naps because i do not want him to be without me during all my extra hours. balancing things out takes up my energy. there's not enough time left for boyfriend, for housework, for grocery shopping, for friends, for books, for family, for being lazy, for anything else. i know it has to be different. at the end of every day, i want to look back to love what i have done and the way i have done it. whereas now, i'm just happy i have made it through.

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