Sunday, December 30

things done

i made myself a list of things that i wanted to get done during my days off in december. luckily they were all quite fun things, so it wasn't too hard to tick off the boxes. 
i made an inventory of my clothes and i ironed and folded everything neatly (luckily i don't have that many clothes, but it still took quite some time) and made a pile to bring to charity. now it's clear that i really don't need anything else expect a few basics that i will hopefully find the time to shop for someday soon.
i also finished the photo album of little imps first year. i know too many stories of people who never got around to it and whose children are pretty much grown up by now. i am quite proud of the result and i love leafing through it.
and finally i ordered myself to buy books. i am so happy with these self-given presents. i guess i find it hard to spend money on myself. i know where it comes from (don't all these strange beliefs start somewhere in our youth...) but i have been trying for years to be easier on myself with this. well, these holidays were a step in the right direction.

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  1. geef jezelf maar een flinke pat on the shoulder, meid!