Saturday, April 27


a bunch of cute little girly things this time...

~ weleda almond oil ~ this is getting old, isn't it. still the best make up remover.
~ the body shop vanilla bliss shower gel ~ the loveliest shower gel i've had in a long time. it smells very much like lush honey i washed the kids soap, and honestly even a bit better than that.
~ dr. van der hoog romantic roses face mask ~ this one really did something for my skin, which came out nice and rosy. a lovely subtle scent, a smooth texture and a sweet pastel pink colour are added bonuses.
~ lush catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask ~ i used to use this face mask often when i was younger, but now it doesn't seem to be the right one for my skin anymore. i got it in return for my five empty containers so i won't complain.
~ lush buffy body butter ~ a golden oldy.
~ sence glamour girls vanilla flavoured lip balm ~ i think i got this for less than a euro and at that price it's a fine product.

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