Wednesday, May 29


~ dr. van der hoog oxygen face mask ~ unfortunately, i didn't really like this face mask. it's a powder that smells very much of pure clay and that you have to mix with water. it then gets very dry and hard on your face, and i didn't notice any improvement after using it (my skin didn't feel worse either though).
~ etos x-tra black volume mascara ~ still not really managing to stick to the new-mascara-once-every-three-months rule. 
~ kneipp orange and lime-tree blossom shower gel ~ usually, i really like kneipp shower gels. but this one did not do very much for me. i guess i'm not a big fan of orange.
 dr. van der hoog chocolate face mask ~ now this face mask was a lot better than the first one. it smells divine and it actually looked and felt like it did something for my skin.
~ weleda skin cream ~ i'm getting more and more enthusiastic about this simple but lovely cream.
~ l'oréal color appeal eye shadow golden beige ~ i have quite a stash of eye shadows, but this is really the only colour that i wear often. it still lasted me ages though.

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