Monday, June 24

what is...

phenoxyethanol ~ an ingredient primarily used as a preservative in cosmetics. can be an extreme irritant to the eyes and skin. in animals, it causes cell mutation.
~ benzyl benzoate ~ a chemical that mimics estrogen in the body.
~ methylparaben ~ an antifungal and preservative. many studies have found a link between parabens and breast cancer.
~ alpha-isomethyl ionone ~ a synthetic compound used as a perfume. the ifra banned it from use in fragrances because of its possible side-effects, but it's still found in many other products.

so where does this little list come from? these are some of the ingredients of a face mask (marketed as natural) that i used last night. i know that an unpronounceable name does not necessarily mean the ingredient is evil. but really, this is not good. it is time to change things.

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