Wednesday, July 3


this will be my final regular finished post, but more about that another day. here you can already see my reason for deciding to stop keeping track of my finished products though: it's all getting quite repetitive. besides, i am leaning more and more towards very simple and clean products. so, here they are: a few oldies and a few new ones.

~ etos hand cream ~ a very cheap hand cream that smells really nice. a great product at such a low price, but ideally it should be a bit richer.
~ biotherm aquasource superserum ~ not much to say about this except that i still like it.
~ biotherm aquasource moisturizer ~ same thing here: a product that i like a lot, which shows from the fact that this is the fifth time i finish a jar since starting to keep track!
~ hurraw almond lip balm ~ i got this from a colleague, it's all organic, vegan and raw. you can't go wrong there. i had to get used to the almond-scent and i finished it quite fast, but that may also have been due to the fact that i liked using it a lot.

~ lush angels on bare skin fresh facial cleanser ~ it was a long time since the last time i used this product. unfortunately, i didn't like it as much as i did a few years ago. my skin has changed since pregnancy and so have my beauty rituals: next time i think i will choose something that's easier and faster to use.
~ anatomicals the showering inferno hot and fiery b-movie body cleanser ~ this reminded me of lush the olive branch shower gel: the same somewhat watery consistency and the same special, lovely scent.

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