Saturday, November 9

everything i don't need

a few months into my pregnancy, this monthly childbirth and baby magazine fell onto my doormat. no idea how these people found out about the bun in the oven, because i make sure not to leave such details anywhere. a bit creepy, isn't it... anyway, my mouth fell open in amazement at pretty much every page. not only because of the rosy stories about how lovely it is to spend hours bathing and massaging your newborn (when in reality the poor child will be screaming and the poor new mum will be sweating and longing for a short shower herself but is unable to find the time for it - how misleading), but most of all because of all the utterly nonsensical stuff that is supposedly extremely necessary for expecting mums to buy. a device to train your baby's stomach-position. the most ridiculous toys and endless machines to make babyfood. and more of the most ridiculous toys. it's so tempting to fall for. i could easily name ten things i bought (or was given) for little imp that turned out to be a complete waste of money. you live and learn, right...

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