Thursday, November 15

the grass is greener

on the afternoons i walk little imp home from day care, i always pass a house where a family with somewhat older children lives. everything is in impeccable order whenever i take a peek through their windows (i love taking peeks through people's windows). the kitchen table is positioned near the street. dinner time is nearing, the plates and cutlery are already neatly put down. two posh candles are invariably burning cosily in the centre of the table. the pans are steaming away on the stove in the fancy kitchen. and when we take a walk past this house during any other time of the day, there is a nice big pot of tea on that same table, always ready for anyone in the house who might fancy a cup. 
how easy it is to just go by these appearances and presume everything is simply perfect. i find myself being caught in that trap time and time again.

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