Saturday, November 17

what do we know?

often enough, the grass looks greener when i take a peek through other people's windows. but there's another side to this as well. a few houses down from the place where everything looks perfect, there's a nice little house where a family with two very young children lives. as in the perfect house, their dinner table is positioned near the windows. but instead of candles at night and cosy pots of tea during the day, there is always - and i mean every single day - an enormous pile of laundry on the dinner table. so in my mind, these poor young parents are hanging and folding and ironing their laundry at all hours of the day and night. they don't get anything else done because there is just too much laundry in their lives.
this is what we do. we see an infinitesimal part of the picture and we think we know it all.

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