Monday, February 18


~ no ad aloe after sun lotion ~ a bit of a weird season to finish an after sun lotion, especially if you are not the type to go skiing, but otherwise i would have to throw it away. this was quite nice, but the coconut-scent got a bit oppressive after a while (though i love coconut normally).
~ dove beauty bath indulging cream ~ i bought this for our autumn holidays, when we spent a few nights in a cottage with a bath. and did i make good use of that bath. i'm still reminded of those days when i smell this now.
~ rituals dragon mud volcanic body scrub ~ this actually belonged to boyfriend, but since he was never going to finish it, i did that for him. i liked the masculine scent of it, and the mild way in which it scrubbed.
~ sabon face mask vanilla ~ sabon and vanilla. you can't go wrong there.
~ sabon body lotion vanilla ~ again: sabon and vanilla. wonderful.
~ biotherm aquasource moisturizer ~ for the umpteenth time, and still my favourite moisturizer.


  1. Did you go skiing? :) I used No-Ad sunscreen & after sun lotion a lot last year when we went to Curacao. It's really thick, but helped battle the sunburn!

    You're a Sabon fan, I see! Hmm, I should visit the local shop again. The interior is so pretty and everything smells so nice!

    1. o yes i love sabon. all the beautiful packaging, mmmm.