Sunday, February 17

what to watch

a few days ago, we decided to take our television out of the living room. we hardly had it on anymore anyway. instead, we often to watch series and films on the laptop at night. i can highly recommend it: out with all that crazy randomness that you really don't care for but somehow keep watching. after the tudors, the borgias and downton abbey, we have seen some beautiful films lately.

~ the station agent ~ simple but beautiful scenery and impressive acting by peter dinklage.
~ katinkas kalas (certain people) ~ a swedish film in pastel colours that made me want to take a plane to the swedish countryside.
~ your sister's sister ~ a true feel good film, but not at all in a soppy way.
~ it's kind of a funny story ~ a serious setting for a warm coming-of-age story.
~ fish tank ~ another coming-of-age story, but quite a rough one this time.
~ wuthering heights  ~ the daring 2011-version directed by andrea arnold: i loved it. the scenery, the silence, the camera angles. and then the beautiful mumford and sons-soundtrack to end it with. wonderful.

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