Saturday, June 14

not perfect

in the same vein, i believe it's important to be honest about the fact that no mother is a perfect mother. so here we go:
little bee seems to be allergic to the princess. i brought her to an osteopath because i suspected silent reflux (i recognized the syptoms because little imp was diagnosed with it when he was a tiny imp).the osteopath noticed that her breathing seemed constricted and that she was probably a bit short of breath, which might be caused by an allergy. he advised me to visit our gp about this, who verified it. and all the time, i hadn't noticed a thing. so the princess now has a new (and very good) home, and i am noticing changes in little bee. i wonder if i had ever suspected anything if the osteopath hadn't pointed it out to me. 
there you go: i am not a perfect parent. and this is only one of many examples. (i did seem to be right about the silent reflux though...)

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