Thursday, June 26

the sugarfree life

the osteopath that treated little bee advised me to stop eating sugar for a while to see if it would have any effect on the silent reflux. i have done short periods of no sugar before, but i've never kept it up this long and this seriously. and let me tell you: while i'm not sure if it makes any difference for little bee, it sure makes a world of difference for me. i feel so energized and so much healthier without the stuff. i already knew sugar is a bad thing (i've seen lists of all the terrible things it does to your body that make you feel like eating sugar is like downing a bottle of liquor or taking a shot of heroin), but now i also truly feel what it does to the body. i am craving sweet things less every day. not eating the bad stuff also makes it much more fun to hunt for good stuff and try out new things. like this little fruit pie that i made from scratch.

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