Monday, February 10


there has been much, much more decluttering since this post. yesterday boyfriend and i said to each other: it's a bit of a miracle we still have anything, considering how many bags of full of things have been brought to charity, to the garbage bin and to friends. 
it just goes to show that we have so much more stuff than we think we do. and so much unnecessary stuff as well. and you know, i feel a little lighter and a little calmer with everything that is going out. and with everything that is not coming in. which in itself is a really interesting thing. and even the book i'm currently reading has something to say about it:

the idea has sprung up very recently that the newest way must be the best. advertising has taken charge of fostering the novelty race. there is no rest, no respite. nothing is ever allowed to be good enough, nothing ever satisfactory. our underlying discontent is channelled into desire for the latest things.

jean liedloff ~ the continuum concept

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