Tuesday, February 18

simplicity parenting

this book strikes all sorts of chords with me. just reading about the benefits of all the possible small changes we can make gives me a sense of calm and satisfaction. and actually acting upon what i'm reading feels even better.

when you simplify a child's "world", you prepare the way for positive change and growth. this preparatory work is especially important now because our world is characterized by too much stuff. we are building our daily lives, and our families, on the four pillars of too much: too much stuff, too many choices, too much information, and too much speed. with this level of busyness, distractions, time pressure, and clutter (mental and physical), children are robbed of the time and ease they need to explore their worlds and their emerging selves. and since the pressures of "too much" are so universal, we are "adjusting" at a commensurately fast pace. the weirdness of "too much" begins to seem normal.

kim john payne ~ simplicity parenting

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