Sunday, February 16


interesting figures... i belong to the thirteen percent of mothers who are satisfied with the amount of sleep they get (well, most days i am: today happens to be one of the rare days on which i'm not). i also belong to the three percent that get more than eight hours of sleep a night (the secret to that: no television to keep you up at night despite feeling tired). and then i also belong to the thirty three percent that get out of bed for their children at night. but only to bring little imp into our bed when he wakes up after a few hours in his own, after which he pretty much always falls asleep again immediately. and yes, i also belong to those fourty percent who lie awake for twenty to sixty minutes after having gotten out of bed for their children at night. that has mostly to do with these last stages of pregnancy though, which are downright uncomfortable. and yet i hardly ever bother about being awake at night, probably because i know i will get enough hours of sleep anyway. which is one of the things that will undoubtedly change soon...

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