Monday, May 12


so, what does the form of attachment parenting that we practice with little bee look like exactly? apart from the breastfeeding, it mainly means that she is with us (well, mostly with me) always while she is sleeping. i carry her in a wrap for every daytime nap, and she sleeps in our bed at night - a controversial thing, i know. we set up a co-sleeper before she was born but so far we have not used it after the first week. our pram is still in storage and i have not felt the need for it at all yet. 
i always imagined the houses of mothers practicing attachment parenting would look like one big mess and the mothers themselves would be completely sleep-deprived with no time to put on make up or do their hair. but the reality turns out to be quite the opposite: i can do almost anything while little bee sleeps during the day, because i have both my hands free after helping her fall asleep (this usually involves walking around with a pinky in her mouth and the other hand cradling her head). and i'm pretty sure i get more sleep at night than most new parents even though little bee nurses two or three times. having her right beside me means i never have to get out of bed to take care of her.
of course it is hard sometimes but isn't everything hard at times? and besides, i did not choose to do things this way because i thought it would be easy. yes, i feel like i have to make sacrifices sometimes. but then i think of this quote. and yes, i feel frustrated sometimes (pretty much at least once every day). parenting a newborn can be hard after all, no matter how you choose to do things.

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