Friday, May 2

what it's like

the change from having one child to having two children: many other parents warned us about the exhaustion, the lack of time for anything but those children, the tremendous difference. i guess these are still the easy days since little bee is asleep most of the time, and some things are definitely hard to navigate. how do you put a toddler to bed for his nap when you're on your own and the baby wants to nurse at exactly the same time? what do you do when that toddler needs his lunch but it's impossible to prepare it with one finger stuck in the mouth of the baby who would otherwise be crying her eyes out?
basically, you sometimes can't do what is best for both of them. for me, that's difficult, given the perfectionist that i am. and yet, so far i have to say we are doing more than ok. i'm also enjoying these early weeks so much more than the first time. the secrets to that: i'm feeling more confident that i know how to take care of this tiny baby because i've done it all before. i follow my instincts when it comes to where she sleeps (always close to me, more on that in a later post) and we are seriously limiting the amount of visitors, leaving us with so much more time to simply be together.

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